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CompTIA Network+

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This CompTIA Network+ course covers the essentials of IT infrastructure, such as troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks.
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Course overview

CompTIA is a leading voice for the global information technology ecosystem.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is perfect for learners looking to build networking skills and knowledge. This course extends on the more introductory knowledge covered in the CompTIA A+ course. Key learning points covered include, detailed instruction on installing, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting various network components. The course also covers various aspects of network security, including authentication, access control, and encryption technologies.

One of the benefits of completing the CompTIA Network+ certification over other networking certifications is that CompTIA is vendor-neutral. Which means, when you go through your training material, the focus is geared towards the skills needed to do the job role. Other certifications may be more specific to devices such as routers and switches, which you may not ever use in your role. We recommend this CompTIA Network+ certification to any IT professionals who have already or are planning to complete the CompTIA A+ certification.

Certified skills provide more opportunity.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is an invaluable asset for any aspiring IT professional in today's technologically driven world. Not only does this credential provide evidence of your expertise in networking but also serves as proof that you are keeping up with changing technologies and taking your career into your hands.

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    CompTIA Network+

    What will I learn?

    What skills you'll gain from the CompTIA Network+ course.

    • Understand network architecture, components, and design principles. This includes being able to evaluate network topologies and protocols, and plan for their implementation in infrastructure.
    • Learn about network security measures, including authentication, access control, encryption technologies, firewall configurations, and more.
    • Gain the skills necessary to troubleshoot existing networks through patch management, system analysis, performance optimisation techniques, software updates, hardware maintenance and more.
    • Acquire an understanding of emerging technologies such as cloud computing systems and virtualisation platforms. This can include being able to compare different systems based on their features and capabilities, as well as their security implications.
    • Develop best practices in network management that include monitoring tools, configuration management tools such as Puppet or Ansible automation tools, resource allocation strategies such as load balancing or clustering techniques. Additionally, students will learn the importance of documenting all aspects of their networks along with industry standards related to disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans.

    Our CompTIA Network+ course is designed to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge they need to excel on the CompTIA Network+ exam.

    CompTIA Network+

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    CompTIA Network+ course details

    CompTIA is an influential technology association that works to promote the global IT sector. A multi-trillion-dollar business, it is continuously developing and progressing with the emergence of new technology, and CompTIA strives to ensure IT professionals stay informed and up-to-date with these advancements. Established in 1982, their headquarters are in Downers Grove, Illinois. They offer a range of certification programs in the IT field like A+, cloud computing, security and networking, which are all designed to evaluate the know-how and expertise of people in the industry.
    • Maximum of 90 questions
    • Multiple choice and performance-based
    • 90 Minutes
    • 720 (on a scale of 100-900)
    • Networking Concepts
    • Infrastructure
    • Network Operation
    • Network Security
    • Network Troubleshooting and Tools

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