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IT Courses

The job market in computer and information technology is experiencing an unprecedented surge in growth. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, occupations in this field are expected to expand by a whopping 15 percent from 2021 to 2031 – a rate that far outpaces the national average. This rapid expansion has created a widening gap between available positions and those who possess the qualifications necessary for successful entry into the field. As technology continues to evolve at an incredible speed, employers are seeking individuals with fresh knowledge and practical experience to meet current needs and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the most beneficial ways to advance in this area is through professional certifications such as CompTIA A+. This certification is an ideal place to start for those who are interested in pursuing an IT career path or expanding their existing technical knowledge.

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Benefits of IT Courses and Careers

IT Support

IT Support is a highly sought-after career due to the many benefits it offers. One of the primary benefits is job security – according to the Office for National Statistics, IT professionals in the United Kingdom have seen a six-fold increase in new jobs since 2000. This makes IT Support one of the fastest growing and most secure professions in the country.

An IT Support career can be a rewarding and beneficial opportunity for those that have an interest in technology, problem-solving, and customer service. The benefits of choosing an IT Support career are vast and varied. One key benefit for those considering pursuing a career in IT Support is the potential for growth. With the ever-evolving landscape of technology, IT Support roles can offer a fantastic opportunity to keep up with the latest advancements and trends. It also provides an opportunity to develop a more in-depth understanding of the various technologies used by businesses, allowing for a more comprehensive knowledge base and better problem-solving skills.

IT Networking

IT Networking is an incredibly rewarding and beneficial career path for any individual looking to join the tech industry. As a field that requires knowledge in both hardware, and software, IT networking offers individuals a number of diverse career options ranging from system support technicians to network architects. The benefits of an IT Networking career are numerous. For starters, the salary potential is high and positions within the industry are highly sought after. Additionally, there is a wide range of responsibilities associated with IT Networking careers, making them versatile and interesting to pursue.

IT Infrastructure

An IT Infrastructure career offers many benefits for those looking to pursue a lucrative and stable career. As the demand for technology continues to grow, so does the need for those with specialised skills and knowledge in managing complex IT systems. The Bureau of Labour Statistics reported that employment of network and computer system administrators is projected to grow 5% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations. A career in IT infrastructure is also highly rewarding and provides opportunities for long-term job security. With experience and training, one can quickly move into a leadership role.


A career in Cybersecurity is a highly beneficial option for those interested in technology and cybersecurity-related topics. With the ever-growing need for better security measures to protect against malicious actors, a career in this field can provide ample opportunities for growth and success. Not only will individuals have the chance to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the field, but they will also be well paid for their services. Cybersecurity professionals often have an array of skills and knowledge that can be used to protect a company’s computer systems and networks. Cybersecurity professionals can work in various industries such as banking, healthcare, government institutions, defence organisations, educational institutions and more.

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