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AgilePM Courses

AgilePM is an agile project management methodology that is tailored to suit the needs of organisations of any size. It is a flexible approach to project management that aims to enable teams to deliver more value with increased efficiency and faster time-to-market.

The AgilePM framework was created in 2002 by Colin Bendell, Scott Ambler and Andy Carmichael. The goal of the framework is to help organisations deliver projects that are focused on customer value, have improved team collaboration and communication, and have a greater level of adaptability to change.

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Benefits of AgilePM courses

AgilePM is a powerful and widely used project management methodology that can offer substantial benefits for a career. Firstly, AgilePM provides an incredibly versatile set of tools to help manage complex projects. With its focus on adapting to different contexts and environments, AgilePM allows project managers to tailor their approach as needed to meet the specific goals of any given project. This flexibility helps ensure that projects remain on track, while also providing more opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovative solutions; this in turn can have significant boosts to personal confidence and self-assurance.

Another key benefit of AgilePM is increased efficiency. Studies have shown that teams who use this methodology complete tasks up to 50% faster than those using less agile methods, such as Waterfall. This not only makes projects more profitable, but also gives team members the opportunity to be exposed to new challenges and ideas at an accelerated rate as well, which can be invaluable for career growth.

Moreover, AgilePM has become increasingly popular within UK businesses over the past few years. According to a report from Gartner, 72% of UK organisations are now using or planning to adopt the methodology by 2020. This means that individuals with experience of using AgilePM will find themselves advantaged when competing for work or promotions within the UK market; employers will be searching for candidates with robust understanding of the principles and processes associated with this approach. Therefore, gaining knowledge and experience in this area can help improve overall employability and give an individual’s career a major boost.

Accredited AgilePM training is provided by ITonlinelearning, APMG-International Accredited Training Organisation.

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