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Simulated Project Management Assignment

Developed with PRINCE2®

A simulated environment for better experience.

Use this simulated environment to assume the role of a Project Manager and carry out relevant real world project related activities and exercises.

3D Simulated IT Project

Will benefit Project Management careers.

Have an opportunity to interact with the project by carrying out project related exercises while gaining a better understanding of the project process.

Project Management Students
Use the PRINCE2® theory you have learnt and apply that while watching a simulated project in action.
Project Managers
Current Project Managers who have already built relevant experience with other methods could benefit while developing PRINCE2® knowledge.
New Project Managers
Watch a simulated PRINCE2® project unfold while getting a more practical insight than theory can offer before starting a new role.
Project Team Members
Anyone who is a member of a project team may benefit from a more practical and holistic view of a project from start to end.
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Perfect for PRINCE2 Learners.

When you gain access to the online assessment you will be presented with videos which offer animated scenarios following a simulated real world IT project. These scenarious will include characters interacting at key moments while moving through the project life cycle. At each stage you will be presented with activities and exercises that relate to the past scenario.

Limited PRINCE2 Course Offer

Included with any PRINCE2® course.

The Simulated Project Manager Assignment is included at no additional charge with any of our PRINCE2 courses.

Designed for Learners

Project Activities Included.

Key project activities have been included to match those in the real world, giving our learners the best insight before starting a new role.

Activity Planning & Management
Planning is an ongoing activity because the plan is the basis for reviews and revision.
Time & Cost Estimation
Cost estimating is an ongoing process, ensure accuracy through the project.
Communication Strategy
Determine the best methods for engaging and managing stakeholders and partners.
Changes to the Project
Initial plans and targets may be modified and updated as the project progresses.
Project Documentation
Project documentation is a vital part of project management training.
Quality of Project Outcomes
Verify that the project outputs meet acceptance criteria set by stakeholders.