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ITIL 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value Course

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ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value course and certification cultivates skills for managing stakeholders across IT services.
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Course overview

ITIL places a strong emphasis on meeting the needs and expectations of customers.

Transform your career and take your place at the forefront of the digital revolution with the ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value. As service managers, IT managers, customer experience managers, this course will provide you techniques for excelling through strategic relationship management.

The ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value course focuses on key competencies for managing and integrating stakeholders in the IT service management landscape. This comprehensive course covers aligning business and tech goals, emphasising collaborative governance, effective communication, and experience-driven service design best practices. As organisations increasingly rely on both internal and external collaborations, ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value equips professionals with skills in effective multi-party communication, negotiations, and managing customer experiences.

ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value certification validates expertise in stakeholder integration and customer-centric IT service management. This certification is a strategic asset for service managers, IT managers, and customer experience managers as they possess the expertise required to navigate dynamic partnerships. ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value certification propels elevates one’s career prospects by providing the skills to confidently lead in the dynamic landscape of technology-driven businesses.

Certified skills provide more opportunity.

ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value course hones stakeholder management, governance, communication skills, validating expertise for leadership in tech-driven environments.

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    ITIL 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value

    What will I learn?

    What skills you'll gain from the ITIL 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value course.

    • Demonstrate a deep grasp of stakeholder management principles.
    • Design SLAs meeting organisational goals and customer expectations.
    • Efficiently manage relationships with multiple suppliers.
    • Master communication for clear stakeholder information conveyance.
    • Design positive customer and user experiences.
    • Apply techniques to understand and improve stakeholder experiences.

    Our comprehensive ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to confidently pass their ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value exam.

    ITIL 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value Online Course

    PeopleCert: ITIL certifications can increase chances of internal promotion by 15-25% when competing for more senior roles.

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    Further information about your course

    ITIL 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value course details

    Axelos, a global non-profit, administers certifications in project and IT service management, promoting standardisation of professional qualifications through exams and training, certifying individuals' knowledge in specific methodologies.
    • Exam Codes: ITIL4-SDPI.AN1
    • Prerequisites: ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition Certificate or Training through an Accredited Training Organisation
    • Number of Questions: 40 questions
    • Type of Questions: Multiple choice questions
    • Length of Test: 90 minutes
    • Passing Score: 70%
    • Testing Provider: PeopleCert
    ITIL® 4: Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value

    Lessons 1: About the ITIL story
    • The story so far
    • Meet the Axle employees
    Lessons 2: ITIL Foundation recap
    • The ITIL service value system
    • The four dimensions model
    Lessons 3: Introduction
    • The importance of engagement
    • Key principles
    Lessons 4: The customer journey
    • Stakeholder aspirations
    • Touchpoints and service interactions
    • Mapping the customer journey
    • Designing the customer journey
    • Measuring and improving the customer journey
    • Summary
    Lessons 5: Step 1: Explore
    • Understanding service consumers and their needs
    • Understanding service providers and their offers
    • Understanding markets
    • Targeting markets
    • Summary
    Lessons 6: Step 2: Engage
    • Communicating and collaborating
    • Understanding service relationship types
    • Building service relationships
    • Managing suppliers and partners
    • Summary
    Lessons 7: Step 3: Offer
    • Managing demand and opportunities
    • Specifying and managing customer requirements
    • Designing service offerings and user experience
    • Selling and obtaining service offerings
    • Summary
    Lessons 8: Step 4: Agree
    • Agreeing and planning value co-creation
    • Negotiating and agreeing a service
    • Summary
    Lessons 9: Step 5: Onboard
    • Planning onboarding
    • Relating to users and fostering relationships
    • Providing user engagement and delivery channels
    • Enabling users for services
    • Elevating mutual capabilities
    • Offboarding customers and users
    • Summary
    Lessons 10: Step 6: Co-create
    • Fostering a service mindset
    • Ongoing service interactions
    • Nurturing user communities
    • Summary
    Lessons 11: Step 7: Realise
    • Realising service value in different settings
    • Tracking value realisation
    • Assessing and reporting value realisation
    • Evaluating value realisation and improving customer journeys
    • Realizing value for the service provider
    • Summary
    Lessons 12: Conclusion

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