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IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis Course

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IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis hones strategic planning, team communication, and requirements analysis skills for success in business dynamics.
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Course overview

IIBA established BABOK that provides the blueprint for effective business analysis across industries.

Landing your dream job as a business analyst, project manager, or product owner starts with IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis. The IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis provides foundational skills and industry certification to succeed as a business analyst or in roles requiring strategic business skills. Whether you’re a recent graduate, changing careers, or an experienced professional, this course provides the essentials for mastering the language of business analysis based on the IIBA’s BABOK guide.

IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis course equips you with essential skills for navigating complex business scenarios, strategic planning, and proactive adaptation to changing landscapes. You’ll adeptly handle team communication through elicitation and collaboration techniques, refining your ability to capture, analyse, and document requirements throughout their life cycle. This course helps you develop practical competencies that bridge theory and application, positioning you as a valuable asset in any organisation.

IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis certification is a strong validation of your expertise, showcasing that you have the essential knowledge and skills needed for success in business analysis. You will be able to apply in roles such as business analysts, project managers, or those aspiring to enter the field confidently as it covers crucial concepts and methodologies. IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis certification boosts your current role and opens doors to new career opportunities, making you a sought-after candidate.

Certified skills provide more opportunity.

The IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis cultivates essential skills for navigating complex business scenarios, emphasising strategic planning, effective adaptation, and honing communication techniques for immediate practical application.

Boost your Business Analyst career
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    IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

    What will I learn?

    What skills you'll gain from the IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis course.

    • Gain a solid grasp of key business analysis concepts from the BABOK® Guide.
    • Apply business analysis methodologies to solve real-world challenges effectively.
    • Enhance the ability to analyse problems, identify opportunities, and propose solutions.
    • Develop clear and concise communication skills for conveying analysis findings and requirements.
    • Cultivate systematic problem-solving skills to identify root causes and propose well-reasoned solutions.

    Our comprehensive IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to confidently pass their IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis exam.

    IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis Online Course

    IIBA: 93.5% of ECBA holders reported being employed in a business analysis role.

    If you're looking to take your career to the next level, now is the time. Take your career further by opening new doors to a range of opportunity.

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    Further information about your course

    IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis course details

    The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is the only globally recognised professional association dedicated solely to the field of business analysis. IIBA works to elevate the profile and recognise the value business analysts provide to organisations through developing competency standards.
    • Exam Codes: IIBA-CPOA.AQ1
    • Prerequisites: No prerequisites, but business analysis and relevant field experience are recommended.
    • Number of Questions: 50 questions
    • Type of Questions: Multiple Choice
    • Length of Test: 60 minutes
    • Passing Score: 50%
    • Testing Provider: Prometric
    • Validity: For life
    Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

    Lessons 1: Preface
    • About IIBA®
    • IIBA Certifications
    Lessons 2: Introduction
    • What is Business Analysis?
    • Who is a Business Analyst?
    Lessons 3: Business Analysis Key Concepts
    • The Business Analysis Core Concept Model™
    • Key Terms
    • Requirements Classification Schema
    • Stakeholders
    • Requirements and Designs
    Lessons 4: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
    • Plan Business Analysis Approach
    • Plan Stakeholder Engagement
    • Plan Business Analysis Governance
    • Plan Business Analysis Information Management
    • Identify Business Analysis Performance Improvements
    Lessons 5: Elicitation and Collaboration
    • The Core Concept Model in Elicitation and Collaboration
    • Prepare for Elicitation
    • Conduct Elicitation
    • Confirm Elicitation Results
    • Communicate Business Analysis Information
    • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration
    Lessons 6: Requirements Life Cycle Management
    • The Core Concept Model in Requirements Life Cycle Management
    • Trace Requirements
    • Maintain Requirements
    • Prioritise Requirements
    • Assess Requirements Changes
    • Approve Requirements
    Lessons 7: Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
    • The Core Concept Model in Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
    • Specify and Model Requirements
    • Verify Requirements
    • Validate Requirements
    • Define Requirements Architecture
    • Define Design Options
    • Analyse Potential Value and Recommend Solution
    Lessons 8: Underlying Competencies
    • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Behavioural Characteristics
    • Business Knowledge
    • Communication Skills
    • Interaction Skills
    • Tools and Technology

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