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Certiport IT Specialist Python

The Certiport IT Specialist Python course hones practical skills in data types, operators, and flawless code documentation.
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Course overview

Certiport is widely recognised in the IT and digital skills industry

Unleash your full potential with Certiport IT Specialist Python course – a dynamic program that tailored for developers and IT enthusiasts. Picture yourself as a Python Developer, Software Engineer, or IT Specialist, as this course not only equips you to pass the ITSPC Python exam but also positions you for roles demanding strong Python proficiency.

The Certiport IT Specialist Python course is pivotal in shaping your expertise, providing an in-depth exploration of Python operations. You will gain practical skills that transcend theoretical knowledge, from mastering data types and operators to honing flawless code documentation. Throughout the course, you’ll cultivate proficiency in recognising, writing, and debugging Python code to logically solve complex problems.

Certiport IT Specialist Python certification validates your foundational Python skills, providing a distinct advantage in the competitive job market. Beyond skill acquisition, this certification unlocks diverse career opportunities by showcasing your proficiency in recognising, writing, and debugging Python code. Certiport IT Specialist Python certification is a career-defining that propels you towards roles demanding strong Python proficiency, ensuring a dynamic and fulfilling professional journey.

Certified skills provide more opportunity.

Certiport IT Specialist Python course imparts concrete skills in software development, enhancing problem-solving abilities and fostering confidence in navigating complex IT landscapes.

Boost your Python Developer career

Certiport IT Specialist Python

What will I learn?

What skills you'll gain from the Certiport IT Specialist Python course.

  • Proficiency in Python data manipulation using various types and operators.
  • Competence in designing flow control structures for program execution.
  • Effective use of input and output operations in Python.
  • Adherence to best practices in code documentation and structure.
  • Skill in troubleshooting, error identification, and exception handling in Python.

Our comprehensive Certiport IT Specialist Python certification is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to confidently pass their Certiport IT Specialist Python exam.

Certiport IT Specialist Python

ONS: Python-certified individuals are 30% more likely to land IT jobs within six months of certification.

If you're looking to take your career to the next level, now is the time. Take your career further by opening new doors to a range of opportunity.

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Further information about your course

Certiport IT Specialist Python course details

Certiport is the trusted provider of certification exams for top technology companies worldwide. With over 14,000 testing centres globally and expertise spanning every stage of the credentialing process, Certiport delivers certifications of the highest standard to help professionals prove their in-demand skills.
  • Exam Codes: ITSPC-PYTHON.AJ1
  • Number of Questions: 33-43 questions
  • Length of Test: 50 minutes
  • Passing Score: 700
  • Testing Provider: Pearson VUE
IT Specialist Python

Lessons 1: Introduction/b>
  • About the Course
  • Learning Objectives
  • Audience
  • Approach
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Software Requirements
  • Conventions
  • Installation
Lessons 2: Introducing Python/b>
  • Introduction
  • Working with the Python Interactive Shell
  • Writing and Running Simple Scripts
  • Variables
  • User Input, Comments, and Indentations
  • Summary
Lessons 3: Data Types/b>
  • Introduction
  • Numerical Data
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Booleans
  • Summary
Lessons 4: Control Statements/b>
  • Introduction
  • Control Statements
  • The if Statement
  • The while Statement
  • while Versus if
  • Loops
  • The for Loop
  • The range Function
  • Nesting Loops
  • Breaking Out of Loops
  • Summary
Lessons 5: Functions/b>
  • Introduction
  • Built-In Functions
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Function Arguments
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Summary
Lessons 6: Lists and Tuples/b>
  • Introduction
  • List Syntax
  • List Methods
  • List Comprehensions
  • Tuple Syntax
  • Accessing Tuple Elements
  • Tuple Methods
  • Summary
Lessons 7: Dictionaries and Sets/b>
  • Introduction
  • Working with Dictionaries
  • Additional Dictionary Attributes
  • Ordered Dictionaries
  • The Basics of Sets
  • Set Operations
  • Frozen Sets
  • Summary
Lessons 8: Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction
  • A First Look at OOP
  • OOP in Python
  • Methods in a Class
  • Class Versus Instance Attributes
  • Class Versus Instance Methods
  • Class Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Summary
Lessons 9: Modules, Packages, and File Operations
  • Introduction
  • Defining Modules
  • Imports and Import Statements
  • Modules and Packages
  • File Operations
  • The file Object
  • Reading and Writing to Files
  • Handling Structured Data
  • Summary
Lessons 10: Error Handling
  • Introduction
  • Built-In Exceptions
  • Handling Errors and Exceptions
  • Custom Exceptions
  • Summary

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