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Certiport IC3 Living Online

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The Certiport IC3 Living Online course covers internet safety, email, social media and research, empowering professionals to succeed in modern digital workplaces.
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Course overview

IC3 Living Online guides individuals to master digital literacy and navigate the online world.

Are you interested in enhancing your ability to navigate the internet safely and effectively? The Certiport IC3 Living Online course prepares individuals for the IC3 GS5 Living Online certification exam, part 2 of the IC3 Digital Literacy certification. Through Certiport IC3 Living Online, you will acquire essential internet skills, including online communication, web searching, and networking principles. This course is suitable for individuals seeking to validate their digital competence, such as administrative assistants, customer support representatives, social media managers, and educators.

The Certiport IC3 Living Online course is essential for individuals navigating today’s technology-driven workplace. This comprehensive program not only imparts critical digital literacy skills but also enhances participants’ proficiency in essential online tasks. These tasks include internet searching, email management, cybersecurity practices, and online safety protocols. By actively gaining these skills, you’ll find yourself at the forefront of the digital world, boosting your abilities to handle the ever-changing demands of the professional scene.

The Certiport IC3 Living Online certification validates high-level digital literacy competence, benefiting professionals such as administrative assistants, customer support representatives, social media managers, and educators. Obtaining this certification enhances career opportunities by providing tangible proof of digital literacy skills, making candidates stand out in competitive job markets. In today’s technology-focused workplace, the Certiport IC3 Living Online certification is a valuable asset that equips individuals to excel in diverse professional settings.

Certified skills provide more opportunity.

The IC3 Living Online certification course equips professionals with in-demand digital literacy skills. This comprehensive course teaches abilities in areas like online communication, cybersecurity, web research and content creation. These skills validate core competencies for today's technology-centred workplace and expand career opportunities requiring proficiency with digital tools.

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    Certiport IC3 Living Online

    What will I learn?

    What skills you'll gain from the Certiport IC3 Living Online course.

    • Understand basic internet hardware, software, protocols, domains, and IP addresses.
    • Effectively search and navigate the web using keywords, filters, and syntax.
    • Safely and effectively communicate online using email, messaging, chat and conferencing tools.
    • Protect personal information and online identity with privacy, security, and digital footprint management.
    • Participate responsibly in social networks using terms, privacy settings and citizenship guidelines.
    • Securely upload, download and share files using cloud storage and sharing services.
    • Complete basic online transactions securely with e-commerce, banking, and payments.
    • Identify fake news and evaluate online information credibility.
    • Troubleshoot basic Internet, browser and connectivity issues using tools and settings.

    Our comprehensive Certiport IC3 Living Online certification is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to confidently pass their IC3 GS5 Living Online certification exam.

    Certiport IC3 Living Online

    ONS: digital skills certification leads to 15% higher chances of gaining employment.

    If you're looking to take your career to the next level, now is the time. Take your career further by opening new doors to a range of opportunity.

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    Certiport IC3 Living Online course details

    Certiport ensures high standards as the leading international certifier of computer literacy skills through a rigorous exam development process. They are trusted by employers worldwide due to certifying over 1 million candidates annually across more than 150 countries. Certiport also continuously updates exams and resources to reflect the latest skills needs in education and the workplace. With flexible online exams available anytime through a large testing centre network, Certiport creates accessible pathways for lifelong learning and career success.
    • Exam Codes: IC3-GS5-Exam-2
    • Number of Questions: 50 questions
    • Type of Questions: Multiple choice, performance based, SMQs, and simulation
    • Length of Test: 50 minutes
    • Passing Score: 700
    • Testing Provider: Certiport
    Living Online(IC3 GS5 Exam 3)

    Lessons 1: Using the Internet
    • Understanding the Terminology About the Internet and the WWW
    • Understanding the World Wide Web
    • Browsing the Web with a Web Browser
    • Summary
    Lessons 2: Understanding Networking and Its Most Important Concepts
    • Understanding Networks
    • Understanding Network Addressing
    • Using and Securing Wireless Networks
    • Security Networks with Firewalls and Gateways
    • Measuring the Speed of Your Internet Connection
    • Understanding the Different Types of Internet Connections
    • Virtual Private Networks
    • Principles for Troubleshooting Networking Problems
    • Troubleshooting Network Problems with the Help of Windows Troubleshooting Tools
    • Troubleshooting Network Problems from the Command Prompt
    • Summary
    Lessons 3: Communicating Online with Others
    • Creating and Securing Email Accounts
    • Sending Email Messages
    • Replying to and Forwarding Email Messages
    • Automating Your Email Account
    • Organising and Archiving Your Inbox
    • Managing Your Calendar
    • Communicating through Text Messages
    • Communicating through Multimedia
    • Using Social Media and Social Networks
    • Increasing the Privacy of Your Social Networking Activity
    • Summary
    Lessons 4: Being a Responsible Digital Citizen
    • Personal vs. Professional Communication
    • Verbal vs. Written Communication
    • Inappropriate Ways of Communicating Online
    • Censorship and Filters in the Digital World
    • Legal and Responsible Use of Computers
    • Summary
    Lessons 5: Maintaining Your Health and Safety While Using Computers
    • Internet Security Concerns
    • Protecting Your Identity and Your Data
    • Removing Data from Your Computer
    • Keeping Your Computer Safe from Threats and Malware
    • The Ergonomics of Using the Computer in a Healthy Way
    • Common Problems That Are Generated by Incorrect Computer Use and Posture
    • Summary
    Lessons 6: Searching the World Wide Web
    • Using Search Engines to Find Information Online
    • Performing Advanced Searches Using Symbols and Search Operators
    • Searching for Files Online
    • Dealing with Online Advertisements
    • Finding Valuable Information on Internet Forums and Knowledge Bases
    • Evaluating the Information That You Find on the Web
    • Summary

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