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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification validates foundational knowledge and understanding of AWS cloud services, architectures, and basic security concepts.
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Course overview

Amazon AWS: Powering 40% of the Cloud Computing Market

The Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is designed for individuals who want to gain a foundational understanding of cloud computing and its applications. This recognised certification opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities in the rapidly expanding cloud industry.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud services provider, offers this certification to help professionals demonstrate their knowledge of AWS services, architectural best practices, and basic cloud concepts. With AWS at the forefront of cloud innovation, this certification is highly regarded by employers worldwide.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is ideal for aspiring cloud architects, IT managers, system administrators, and anyone looking to advance their career in cloud computing. By obtaining this certification, you showcase your proficiency in cloud computing essentials to hiring managers and establish yourself as an asset to organisations looking to adopt cloud technologies.

Certified skills provide more opportunity.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification enhances career prospects by validating foundational knowledge in AWS cloud services, opening up job opportunities, and demonstrating commitment to staying current in the industry.

Boost your Cloud Engineer career
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    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

    What will I learn?

    What skills you'll gain from the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course.

    • Understanding of core AWS architectural concepts and resources.
    • Comprehension of AWS shared responsibility model and optimal practices for security and conformity.
    • Proficiency in navigating the AWS Control Panel and utilising AWS instruments and services.
    • Ability to recognise significant AWS services and their applications.
    • Familiarisation with AWS global structure, as well as fundamental networking ideas.
    • Recognition of pricing models, billing plans, and support plans available from Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    • Awareness of cloud computing fundamentals and how Amazon Web Services ties into the cloud environment.
    • Capacity to explain essential deployment & operating methods by using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    • Understanding of foundational solutions used by Amazon Web Services such as computing, storage, databases, and networking.

    Our thorough Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is structured to provide students with the essential abilities and understanding they need to successfully pass their AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test.

    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course details

    Amazon is an international e-commerce and technology firm renowned for its expansive online emporium and variety of goods and services. In addition to its retail activities, Amazon has established itself as a major player in the cloud computing industry through its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division. AWS provides a complete selection of cloud facilities and solutions that allow businesses to store, analyse, and process data, host applications, and expand their system. As part of their cloud offerings, Amazon delivers qualifications such as the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, which validate individuals' expertise and knowledge in deploying AWS services successfully. These certifications indicate proficiency in cloud computing and enable professionals to progress their professions in the swiftly evolving field of cloud engineering.
    • Level: Foundational
    • Length: 90 minutes to complete the exam
    • Cost: 100 USD
    • Visit Exam pricing for additional cost information.
    • Format: 65 questions; either multiple choice or multiple response
    • Delivery method: Pearson VUE testing center or online proctored exam.
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing
    • Identity and Access Management IAM
    • Elastic Cloud Computing EC2
    • EC2 Storage
    • Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Group ELB and ESG
    • Amazon S3
    • Database and Analytics
    • Other Services
    • Scaling Your Infrastructure
    • Global Applications
    • Cloud Integration
    • Cloud Monitoring
    • Virtual Private Network
    • Security and Compliance
    • Machine Learning
    • Advanced Identity
    • Are You Well Architected?
    • Congratulations & Exam Preparation

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