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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

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The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental values of Lean Six Sigma.
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Course overview

APMG International is a widely recognised global certification and training organisation.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt knowledge is the introductory level within Lean Six Sigma, equipping those who possess it with a suite of techniques that can be utilised in a professional field. It is also the necessary foundational step for learners who wish to develop further through the Lean Six Sigma belts and gain certification in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt.

The Yellow Belt is a designation that signifies expertise in Lean Six Sigma principles, enabling individuals to identify potential strategies for improvement within a company. Developed by Motorola, the Six Sigma principles are designed to eliminate defects within businesses and establish a standardised approach.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course has no formal entry requirements and is an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about business processes and how to drive improvement.

Certified skills provide more opportunity.

One of the most beneficial aspects of obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is the career earning benefits you can gain. With this credential, professionals have the potential to increase their salary and receive higher job offers in a variety of industries. The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification demonstrates that you have an understanding of key concepts and tools used in process improvement. This can make you more attractive to existing and potential employers who are looking for problem solvers in their organisation.

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Your learning outcomes

What skills you'll gain from the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course.

  • Understanding the purpose of process improvement.
  • Recognising various methods for process improvement.
  • Executing Improvement initiatives.
  • Establishing and leading Kaizen teams.
  • Promoting a culture of continuous development.
  • Applying tools and techniques to create efficient processes.

Excel in the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam with our comprehensive training course. Our expert-led program is designed to give you the essential knowledge and capabilities necessary to achieve your certification.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

UK Companies Gain £9.6 Billion in Savings Using Lean Six Sigma - KPMG Study.

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course details

APMG International is a world-renowned accreditation and examination institute with a history of successfully certifying organisations around the globe. Our rigorous evaluation process examines all aspects of an organisation to guarantee exceptional outcomes. We ensure that those accredited by us meet the highest standards for delivering superior services and training courses in various certification schemes.
  • Multiple-choice format
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 32 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) - 64%
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Open book ('Climbing the Mountain – Mindset, skill set and toolset for Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Orange Belts')
  • Calculators are permitted
  1. World-Class Performance
  2. Process Improvement Deployment
  3. Project Management
  4. Level I – Creating a Solid Foundation
  5. Level II – Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture
  6. Level III – Creating Stable and Efficient Processes
  7. Level IV – Creating Capable Processes

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Accredited Lean Six Sigma training is provided by ITonlinelearning, APMG-International Accredited Training Organisation.

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