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Change Management Practitioner

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The Change Management Practitioner level course focuses on applying appropriate process frameworks covered in the Foundational level.
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Course overview

APMG is accredited by UKAS - the UK's National Accreditation Body. Quality assurance guaranteed!

The APMG International Change Management Practitioner certificate provides professionals with the knowledge they need to successfully lead their organisation through any kind of change. This certification equips practitioners with the skills needed to plan for, implement and monitor changes while minimising disruption and maximising success. With this certification, you will have the confidence that your organisation is prepared for whatever comes its way!

The Change Management Practitioner certificate is tailored for future and current managers of business change, transition, or transformation. It is especially beneficial for those performing essential roles in the design, development, and delivery of organisational change programs such as Change Project Managers, Senior Responsible Owners, Transformation Managers, Change Programme Managers, Business Change Managers, and Operational Line Managers.

Certified skills provide more opportunity.

The Change Management Practitioner certification is an ideal way to develop and strengthen your career. By obtaining this certification, you will be able to demonstrate a commitment to professional development as well as a sound understanding of the strategic, human relational and technical aspects of change management. This certification is a great way to stand out among other professionals in the industry and attract potential employers. It also serves as proof that you have achieved a high level of competency in the field of change management.

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Change Management Practitioner

Your learning outcomes

What skills you'll gain from the Change Management Practitioner course.

  • Utilising suitable process frameworks to effectively plan and comprehend organisational change.
  • An array of organisation paradigms for understanding, encouraging and preserving organisational change processes.
  • Preparing adequately for an organisational transformation effort – such as constructing a successful transformation team and providing insights which strengthen the team’s execution.
  • Getting people prepared for organisational alteration.
  • Being motivational in approaches that are sensitive towards individuals’ positions and characters.
  • Establishing a tangible framework of roles, abilities, and duties through which leaders can sustain the change process.

Be ready to tackle the Change Management Practitioner certification with our comprehensive, in-depth course. Gain the understanding and proficiency you need to master your exam and achieve success.

Change Management Practitioner

Demand for Change Management Roles in the UK Has Increased by 60% Since 2019, According to Indeed.

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Change Management Practitioner course details

APMG International is a renowned and well-respected global accreditation and examination institute, with many years of experience in providing high-quality certifications for organisations all over the world. This accreditation signifies that the companies and training courses associated with APMG have been evaluated with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that they offer superior services to their clients.
  • Objective testing based on a case study scenario
  • 4 questions of 20 marks each
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • 2.5 hours duration
  • Restricted open book – The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook may be used in the exam
  1. Introduction
  2. Change and the individual
  3. Change and the organisation
  4. Communication and stakeholder engagement
  5. Change practice

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